Vishal sir have a great teaching style which is very distinct. He has full knowledge of Taxation as well as financial Management. He is a friendly & understanding teacher which would help us in communicate with him better. He is very frank, ethical, lovable & understands the weakness of students. He has a positive attitude & concern towards his students. Last but not least, he has a very unique way of teaching which makes him different from others. He is the inspiration for his students. Overall, I am having fun & enriching time learning from him. Vishal sir is the best teacher of taxation. I am glad to be a student of VidyasthalInstitute under the guidance of Vishal Somai sir (legend of Taxation).

It is indeed a blessing to have been a student of VIDYASTHAL CENTRE FOR PROFESSIONAL EXCELLENCE, Under the Guidance of VISHAL SOMAI SIR The only solution for all problem of TAXATION is none other than VISHAL SOMAI SIR.His explanatory diagrammatic notes just adds magic to his teaching skills. He is most approachable teacher one could ever have. Vishal Sir builds the base strongly for the subject. First time I experienced that fun with studies, also the funny quotes that helped to remember the sections and case laws. Two of his best qualities:- 1. Methodical nature of his preparation. 2. Determination to never let a student walk out of class with doubt in their head. Est while Direct Taxation is long and never ending syllabus for me but the way Vishal Sir taught to me, now its just cake walk in examination. Teacher who has been student friendly and oriented towards teaching Taxation.He is WAREHOUSE of TAX Knowledge. Joining him is like no need to worry about syllabus completion and related stuff. He will take care of these things. I am fully satisfied with the entire course coverage. I have lot more to say but should stop myself since NO NEED TO SAY ANYTHING MORE AS YOUR TEACHING SPEAKS.

Best faculty of Indirect Taxation. Explains everything in depth-

Vishal Sir is the best person I have ever met. He is frank,lovable and the best thing he never gives up on his students and keeps motivating them. Best faculty of Indirect Taxation I have ever seen.

I am enjoying being in VISHAL Sir class and having VISHAL Sir as my teacher. I am learning a lot in Sir Class. Vishal Sir depth knowledge in the field of Indirect Taxation helps me to understand the Concepts easily. Thanks a lot Sir for being my teacher.

Vidyasthal is the best institute for professional courses. Vishal sir is the best teacher out there. He has full knowledge about Taxation. He is frank ,lovable and understands the weakness of the students and always try to make it their strength. I understand each and every concept easily in Vishal Sir's class. Thank you so much Sir for being my teacher.

I joined VIDYASTHAL few months ago and now I can feel the difference in me. All the teachers are highly educated and their way of teaching is tremendous. All the teachers are very friendly and this creates a very healthy and positive environment for studying. I am very much satisfied with the studies.

I joined Vidyasthal in September 2015. I had a great fear of numerical papers like Financial management and Taxation. But Vishal Sir not only helped me to clear my papers but also help me to overcome my fear. Thanks Vidyasthal for providing me best assistance and friendly atmosphere. It has the best faculty and management which not only teach but also clear our doubt and query. Ya Vishal sir you are the best Tax teacher I ever got.

I have joined VIDYASTHAL few months ago and I am so happy as my Tax syllabus is done once and I am doing my revision. In other subject, course is about to complete and sooner revision classes are announced well in advance. I got very familiar atmosphere here. I am glad that my friends advise me to join VIDYASTHAL. Now with full of confidence I can surely say that I will Clear my CA-IPC. Special Thanks to Vishal Sir & VIDYASTHAL for boosting and Developing Confidence in me.

I joined VIDYASTHAL in January, 2017 for CS Professional June, 2017 attempt. Wondering about the vast syllabus of Advanced Tax Laws and Practice, I was not pretty sure about the completion of Course. But the kind of ownership Vishal Sir took was inexpressible. I am always impressed by his deep knowledge of Taxation and other subjects and how it flows to the students both at individual and class level. The classes are enjoyable and find his teaching methods motivating. Further, the management is always up for help and provides personal attention in all subjects. Aiming for CA, CS, CMA; here is the way